Strategic Partnerships, Sustainable Impact:

Partnerships are at the core of Imperial Crest Energy's strategic vision, serving as catalysts for innovation, growth, and sustainable development in the energy sector. With a steadfast commitment to forging collaborative relationships, Imperial Crest Energy seeks to leverage the strengths and expertise of its partners to navigate the dynamic and evolving industry landscapes and deliver sustainable value to stakeholders worldwide.
Oil an Gas rig

Explore the power of possibilities.

Imperial Crest Energy Limited, is an integrated energy company poised towards harnessing value from specific high yield matured assets within the Niger Delta through strategic partnerships, innovative and sustainable solutions. In addition, Imperial Crest is fully positioned to take on new acquisition opportunities within and outside Nigeria.
The company is also built on varied stakeholders’ interests and successes in the Energy space. Our collective ambition to register our presence in the upstream Oil & Gas sector is fully reflected in the shareholding distribution in PPL 213; achievements we intend to replicate on an exponential scale.

Strategic Alliances

Imperial Crest Energy is open to partnerships with viable, competent, and capable companies in the Oil & Gas and Energy sector.
Our experience and access to vast opportunities within the industry have made us the preferred value unbundler in the Oil & Gas and Energy sector. For discussions on industry opportunities, please contact us.